The wait is over! The exact same line-up that recorded "One Vice At A Time" in 1982 returns 28 years later to deliver, what many believe, should have been the follow-up album to 1983's "Headhunter".

Ladies and gentlemen, rockers all over the world and hardcore fans of KROKUS: May we present the long anticipated cd of the originals: "HOODOO"

Produced by bassist and original founder Chris Von Rohr, the cd offers 11 brand new recordings that will rock your socks off!

For 30 years now, Krokus has been Switzerland’s most successful rock export.

No other band sells albums from its back catalogue like Krokus.

They've written music history, celebrated ‘real rock'n'roll', enjoyed the highs, and mastered the lows!

Now the original Krokus line-up is back to enjoy its second spring: Hoodoo is the title of the rock legends’ powerful comeback album¾their first in 20 years.

From the small Swiss town of Solothurn, the band catapulted itself and its incomparable brand of straight hard rock right to the top of the music world.

1980 saw the band set out to conquer America, Canada, and England, quickly consolidating its reputation as a strong, no-nonsense live band. Soon they were part of unforgettable headline tours and on the same bill as incredible bands like AC/DC, Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Ted Nugent, Judas Priest, Motorhead and many, many more. These were wild times, full of big adventures, which saw the band not only going gold and platinum in the U.S. and Canada, but also being made honorary citizens of Memphis, Tennessee.

Following this triumphant tour of North America, Krokus became the first Swiss band ever to sell out the legendary Hallenstadion in Zurich.

In total, Krokus has notched up 10 top-selling albums worldwide and a Diamond Award for selling over 1 million records in Switzerland alone.

In 2008, the band celebrated an incredible comeback with a reunion concert in Berne's Stade de Suisse. No less than 10,000 delighted fans came and witnessed the most astonishing comeback in the history of Swiss rock.

Encouraged by this sustained success and how much they love to play, the band made the most of the flames burning inside and went straight back to the studio to record. They spent two years creating a fiery new album that is sure to become a classic.

Hoodoo (with DVD bonus material from the highly acclaimed reunion show in Stade de Suisse, Berne) will be released on 26 February 2010.


"Krokus is really back to rock"

"Krokus has chosen the perfect time to get back into the game. Hoodoo fits nicely next to their classic albums of yesteryear. While Swiss cheese may come with holes in it, Hoodoo has none; this is a complete album, start to finish"
– Classic Rock Revisted

"Krokus has taken that shot and created an album that is on par with some of their best work. I would rank HOODOO right up their with the classic albums of the 1980-1984 era and I am positive that this record will be one of my top albums of 2010"
– Heavy Metal Addiction

"Hoodoo is chock full of well worn, rockers that at once, rehash the past and refresh the legacy"
– Hails & Horns

"The new album fits right in with Krokus masterpieces like Metal Rendez-vous, One Vice At A Time andHeadhunter right from the opening guitar of the CD opener"
—The Examiner

"Krokus Bring An All Out Rock Assault With "Hoodoo"
– Revolver Blips

"This is easily one of the best albums I’ve heard so far this year. It rocks from beginning to end. The sounds are full of energy and the band is fired up"
– Metal Excess

"no band has ever come so close to smacking someone upside the head”
– National News Bureau

"Hoodoo is Pure Hard Rock Magic!”
– Inside Heavy

"Krokus at their best”
– Blast Magazine

"Krokus are absolute legends on the hard rock and heavy metal arena, and has been entertaining the masses since their 1974 inception. Now in the year 2010, the metal mavens from Switzerland unleash their 21st album to date – a grand slam of rockin’ tracks entitled Hoodoo"
– Highwire Daze

"There isn't rocket science involved when it comes to a Krokus album, just no-frills hard rock played with passion and honesty"
– Sleaze Roxx

"Hoodoo is yet another excellent album from a classic hard rock/metal band pumping blood back into what has become a stagnant genre over the last 20 years"
– Mojo Radio

"By sticking to the tried and tested riffs of yesteryear Krokus have reinvented themselves yet again"
– Glory Daze

"balls out Rock - n - Roll the way it should be played. "
– Loud Reviews

"Do not resist the “hoodoo spell”, let it get under your skin and enjoy the magic ride!"
– Hard Rock Hideout

"solid, straight up, in your face rock n roll"
– Metal Pub

"It's a straight-up, no frills collection of 1970s blues-based, High Voltage hard rock and it's about as cool as it gets"
- Teeth Of The Divine

"it's the classic Krokus rock"
– Tune Of The Day

"Marc Storace raises the ante and rehabilitates the band’s classic lineup for a record that is rock-solid but easily digestible, and even a little unexpected in its clean sheen and simplicity….Hoodoo is like a Protooled One Vice At A Time, a near Great White-meets-Status Quo head-nodding churn of heavy party boogie that goes straight for the booze cabinet but after a guilt-dissipating workout"
- Bravewords

"this album flat out rocks"
- Heavy Metal Time Machine

"Hoodoo has, in fact, achieved the difficult task of preserving the true Krokus vibe while sounding fresh and vibrant against the present-day hard-rock landscape – in short, it has brought the past into the present"
- Heavy Metal Hog





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