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Neil Young ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ – New Memoir Out Today

Legendary singer, songwriter, activist and philanthropist Neil Young is, at long last, offering up his life story in his own words.

His brand new memoir, Waging Heavy Peace – which is out today – is a kaleidoscope of stories, laid out in a matter of fact, conversational manner that perfectly fits with Young’s personal and musical style. He meanders through stories of his childhood in Ontario and how his father instilled in him a love for the written word; rattling around the Canadian prairies in Mort, his 1948 Buick hearse; struggling to pay rent in the early days with the Squires; heading to LA in 1966 to pursue his music career and his brief but incredibly influential time with Buffalo Springfield.  Young also recounts his rapid rise to fame and overcoming his fear singing along; his time with CSNY as well as personal stories of meeting and falling in love with his wife Pegi.  This is not a chronological tale, instead the story flows from one era to another (with a number of side trips in between) as Young tells of his current life and the circumstances and people that lead him there.  “Writing this book, there seems to be no end to the information flowing through me,” explains Young.  “The past is such a big place.”


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