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Joan Jett Announces First New Album in 7 Years

Joan+Jett+joanJoan Jett announced Thursday at the Sunset Strip Music Festival that she will be releasing a new album, her first in 7 years, this fall.

The first single , “Any Weather” will make its television debut when she performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live on August 8th.

The album, titled Unvarnished, will be released October 1st and will feature 10 original tracks. A deluxe edition with four bonus tracks will also be released.

Track Listing:

1. Any Weather (606 Version)
2. TMI
3. Soulmates To Strangers
4. Make It Back
5. Hard To Grow Up
6. Fragile
7. Reality Mentality
8. Bad As We Can Be
9. Different
10. Everybody Needs A Hero
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

11. Seriously
12. Different (Demo Version)
13. Any Weather (Blackhearts)
14. Everybody Needs A Hero


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