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Point of No Regrets: Kansas Carry On With New Album ‘The Absence of Presence’

Kansas (L to R): David Ragsdale, Zak Rizvi, Phil Ehart, Ronnie Platt, Richard Williams, Tom Brislin, Billy Greer

The omnipresence of Kansas on the musical landscape is hitting the half-century mark. While so many of the Midwest born-and-bred band’s peers have ended up on the dustbin of has-bins and countless “whatever happened to…” lists, Kansas continues to produce pertinent, sonically powerful and lyrically thought-provoking tracks that pack as much punch as a Kansas (the state) tornado. Unwilling to rest on the unit’s well-earned laurels, the members of Kansas – Phil Ehart, Richard Williams, Billy Greer, Tom Brislin, Ronnie Platt, David Ragsdale and Zak Rizvi – are proving they have no intention of sailing off into the sunset anytime soon.

I recently spoke with drummer Phil Ehart about the band’s just-released album The Absence of Presence, available now. Listen to the entire interview below.

“We’re coming up on 50 years – or I’m coming up on 50 years in this band. A band that I started with the original six. And I have no regrets. I mean it’s just been incredible. I have no professional regrets. None.”

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