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Fans Petition For Former Eagles Members to Receive Kennedy Center Honors

eagles-originalWhen it was announced last month that the Eagles would receive the prestigious Kennedy Center Honors this coming December, fans were outraged that former members Don Felder, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner were not going to be included in the honors.

Now a New York based fan is doing something about it.

Brandon Butler has launched a petition at to see the former members included alongside Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit.

“The former members of the band have helped make contributions to American Culture by means of their guitar and bass playing,” the petition reads. “Several songs are well known based upon the vocals, and the guitar and bass playing of Felder, Leadon, and Meisner including “Witchy Woman”, “Hotel California”, “One Of These Nights”, “Take It To the Limit” among many others. Not only do the current members┬ádeserve to be honored for their contributions to the band that we all come to know and love, it is fitting and appropriate that the former members of the group deserve the same honor, no matter the bitterness. differences, or angst that the current members have against them. ┬áPlease consider allowing them to be honored.”

You can add your support now by signing the petition at


  • DocCane53

    Except there has never been any indication that all members would not be included. They were all present for the R & R HOF. People are trying to solve a problem they don’t even know if exists.

    • butlerbMMO

      Its kindof obvious Doc about who is going to be included. I mean their latest band photo is what is shown on the Kennedy Center Honors website, so to me that tells me that its going to be Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit that will be honored.

      • DocCane53

        Probably the only photo that shows them all together would be the HOF induction and there may be restrictions preventing them from using that photo. And frankly, even if only those guys were present, they are honoring The Eagles and to the fans that means everyone.

        • bayouland

          Don Felder shared this petition on his Facebook wall. That, to me, suggests that the former members have not been invited.

    • Jenny

      The R&R HOF induction came before a lot more drama with The Eagles. Don Felder has essentially been shunned by most of the group. He made HUGE contributions and should not be dismissed, no matter how the rest of them feel about him.

      • DocCane53

        The HOF came after the huge blow up in 79 that was the end of the Eagles in that era. Yet they still were able to work together when they got back together for Hell Freezes Over. I don’t know, maybe they intend to exclude him, but I seriously doubt it. I’d think someone would make and attempt to find out before all of the drama that has been making the rounds just assuming Don, Bernie and Randy will not be included. People claim to be Eagles fans, but focus only on Don or Bernie or Randy and hate, hate, hate on Glenn and DH. And frankly, the Eagles were a success before Felder came onboard but there would have been no Eagles without DH and Glenn.

        • Noosic

          You can’t possibly compare the first album and Desperado on the same level as On the Border, One of these Nights and Hotel California and that’s when Felder was on board.

          • DocCane53

            Well, I do know that The Greatest Hits album, their best selling record of all time and the best selling record of the last century had only four songs with Felder playing. I love what Don F brought to the group but for some reason Felder fans seem to think the rest of the guys contributed next to nothing. The Eagles would have been a great success with our without Felder.

    • Bo Xilai
      • DocCane53

        Saw that, but they mention the current configuration. That doesn’t necessarily mean the others are excluded. Bernie toured with them in recent years and Randy would have had it not been for his health problems. I too really hope to see all of them together. In fact, I’d love to see all seven perform together and maybe do a short tour. Doubt that happens now, considering their age. but I’d pay to see it. Anyway, as I said, I hope the KCH does the right thing without the petition. I have no ill feelings for any members of the group as they have all given me so much pleasure listening over the years. I love Glenn and Don too, as well as Don Felder. Being a fellow “Florida Boy,” if you can call us that as old farts, I’ve always had a special affinity for him, even though I suspect he is a Gator fan growing up where he did.

      • eugena

        Exactly, and when were all their albums cut and soaring the charts? When they were Bernie,Randy,Don H, Glenn and Don F. Not so much with Walsh and Schmidt. Although I do like Joe on his own as well as Tim B.

  • Nora Moore

    All the former members should be included in the award ceremony.Don Felder,Randy Meisner,&Bernie Leadon.

  • Bernadette Saccoia-Quirk

    Already signed the petition last week! Only reason I was a Eagles fan in the first place was because of Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon! Thank you for a great article Claaics Du Jour!

  • eugena

    Signed and Sealed. If they do not honor all of them what’s the point. They all made the Eagles great in their own way.

  • DocCane53

    Anyone consider maybe emailing the Kennedy Center and asking them their plans for the ceremony?

  • John Moffitt

    It’s Joint effort. Through Thick n Thin . All must take any credit that’s due . Great respect for all members. An refuse to discount any member. Former or Present !!!!

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