David Crosby Wants to Do One Last CSNY Tour

csny030413wDavid Crosby would like to do one last Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tour before he dies, he recently told The Wall Street Journal.

“I have hepatitis C, diabetes and heart disease. I’m managing them.  I’m going to the gym three days a week, I’m feeling strong and I can still make audiences feel great,” he said during the interview. “My dream: One more tour with Crosby, Still and Nash and my friend Neil [Young]. From there, I’d be fine. I’d be able to sail.  I’d live. And I’d be happy.”

The foursome released their first album in 1970 – the year following their performance at Woodstock. But Young had already left by the time they released their first album, Deja Vu, in 1971.  In 1974, the foursome toured together, and a live album from that tour is due out this coming August.

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  • Todd Hochman

    i have the dvd of their 1974 performance and the music is amazing…it also included a few quick snippets of backstage video of them smoking a joint before going on stage…surprised they let them film that but then again i don’t think they ever thought it would be released to the general public…how cool were they???
    love them all…live long and prosper!!!!!!!!!