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Ozzy Osbourne on Black Sabbath Drummer Drama

black-sabbathIn a recent interview with Billboard, Ozzy Osbourne talked about Black Sabbath‘s drummer issues surrounding the recording of their new album 13.

Co-founder and drummer Bill Ward split from the band over what he claimed were contractual issues and was replaced by Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk.

But Ozzy says that decision left him “pissed off,” as he wanted his own drummer Tommy Clufetos to fill the position.

“The way it was dealt with wasn’t very fair on Tommy. Rick Rubin just didn’t want to work with him for reasons I don’t know. He’s a great drummer, and he’s been with me for awhile now and I just felt that nobody discussed the decision about Brad to me, and it’s not fair to Tommy. Tommy was promised the album… It’s not because he was my drummer and my ego wanted him. It was just the fact the way it was dealt with. It just got me a bit, it got me pissed off about it. It’s alright now. He’s a great drummer. I don’t know what the problem was,” said Ozzy, addeding that Wilk “did a good job. I don’t have anything bad to say. He’s a very nice guy.”

Producer Rick Rubin responded, in an email to Billboard, saying, “Brad is a muscular drummer with great feel and understands the groovy nature of their music — Rage Against the Machine is a groovy rock band, not a metal band — so it was worth a try. When they played together the first time, it was obvious he would do a great job in the seat Bill left vacated. Bill’s a great drummer and I’m sure it would have been an amazing album with him. We all wanted him to participate.”

13 was released this past week and immediately reached #1 in the UK. It also comes in at #1 on Billboard’s 200 Chart this week.



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