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Paul Simon and Wife Arrested for Disorderly Conduct After Fight Gets Physical

Paul Simon and Edie Brickell were arrested on Saturday for disorderly conduct after an argument between the couple turned physical.

Police were called to the family’s Connecticut home Saturday evening after someone made a 911 call but quickly hung up. When police arrived they found “probable cause” and were obligated to arrest the Grammy Award winners. The couple’s attorney said that the argument led to “a push” although it is unclear who pushed whom.

Simon, 72 and Brickell, 47 were released under promise to appear in court Monday.

“Both of us are fine together,” Simon told the judge. “We’re going to go back home today, we’re going to go watch our son play baseball.”

“We had an argument,” he continued, “and it’s atypical of us, and neither one of us has any fear or any reason to feel threatened, and I don’t feel like I need to be protected.”

The judge said he did not see a continued threat of violence and decided not to issue a protective order.

Simon and Brickell married in 1992 and have 3 children together.


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