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AC/DC’s Phil Rudd Speaks Out After Pleading Guilty

With AC/DC in St. Paul, MN on November 23, 2008 Photo by Matt Becker melodicrockconcerts@gmail.com
Phil Rudd with AC/DC in St. Paul, MN on November 23, 2008. Photo credit: Matt Becker

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has spoken publicly for the first time since he was charged with drug possession and threatening to kill.

He pleaded guilty to those charges on April 21st.

According to court documents, after his solo album (released August 2014), flopped, Rudd fired a number of employees and offered a large sum of money to an associate in exchange for the murder of his personal assistant. (He was originally charged with attempting to procure murder, but those charges were later dropped.)

“…the people who I had working for me for this launch – it was a total f***ing disaster. So I was really pissed off,” Rudd revealed on Australian television program, A Current Affair earlier this week.

He also voiced his displeasure at being replaced by drummer Chris Slade on AC/DC’s current tour.

“I wrote them a letter, I tried to get in contact with Angus… I’ve had no contact with anybody,” Rudd explains. But he’s not letting his unhappiness at the situation with AC/DC get the best of him. “I’ve seen the error of my ways… It’s onward and upward from here,” Rudd stated.

You can watch the episode here.

Rudd is currently out on bail and will receive sentencing on June 26th.


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