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Us + Them

Artist: Roger Waters
Release Date: October 2, 2020
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Track Listing

CD 1:
2.Speak To Me
4.One of These Days
6.Breathe (Reprise)
7.The Great Gig in the Sky
8.Welcome to the Machine
9.Déjà Vu
10.The Last Refugee
11.Picture That
12.Wish You Were Here
13.The Happiest Days of Our Lives
14.Another Brick in the Wall Part 2
15.Another Brick in the Wall Part 3

CD 2:
2.Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4.Us & Them
5.Brain Damage
7.The Last Refugee (Reprise)
8.Déjà Vu (Reprise)

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About the Album

As the founding member, lyricist, principal composer and creative force behind Pink Floyd, US + THEM presents Roger Waters‘ powerful words and music in stunning form and highlights his message of human rights, liberty and love.  Based around his acclaimed, sold-outUS + THEM worldwide tour of 2017-18, comprising a total of 156 shows to 2.3 million people across the globe, the film and album feature classic songs from The Dark Side of the MoonThe WallAnimalsWish You Were Here as well as his most recent album, Is This The Life We Really Want?

Directed by Sean Evans and Roger Waters, the film provides a visceral sense of what it was like to be there.  Using the most innovative digital and audio technology available, the film encapsulates a series of breath-taking visual, audio and sensory experiences.  It captures Waters legendary live performances taking the audience on an emotionally charged, thought provoking journey.

Roger Waters powerfully demonstrates that he is at heart, a musical activist and one of the most passionate political commentators of his time.  He has dedicated his life to fighting against those who seek to control our lives and destroy our planet.   Welcome To The Machine and Another Brick In The Wall Part II, are a stark reminder of the bleak warnings that he gave decades ago about alienation, displacement, greed, suffering, destruction and loss.   And yet the humanity of the songwriter cannot be more plainly seen than in Wish You Were Here, because, although he presents a grim picture of the state of the world, ultimately his message is one of hope through unity and love.

US + THEM in all formats captures the close relationship that Waters has with his fans both young and old and the unique connection he makes with his audience.  If Animals is Orwellian, then The Wall is straight out of Bulgakov.  With its call to action, US + THEMwarns us of both.

ROGER WATERS: US + THEM concert film is currently available on 4K, HD and SD Digital from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and was filmed on tour in Amsterdam, and on location in the UK.  Viewers on digital, Blu-Ray and DVD will have access to all-new post-feature content including two additional concert songs not included in the original feature (“Comfortably Numb” and “Smell the Roses”) as well as A Fleeting Glimpse, a documentary-style short film featuring behind-the-scenes moments from the tour.

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