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Lockdown 2020

Artist: Sammy Hagar & The Circle
Release Date: January 8, 2021
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Track Listing

1. Funky Feng Shui
2. Won't Get Fooled Again
3. Good Enough
4. Three Little Birds
5. Whole Lotta Rosie
6. For What It's Worth
7. Keep A-Knockin'
8. Right Now
9. Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)
10. Sympathy for the Human
11. Heroes

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About the Album

Sammy Hagar & The Circle‘s “Lockdown Sessions” began in March, when the COVID- 19 shelter-at-home order went into effect. With time on their hands and their upcoming tour in limbo, the band’s legendary drummer Jason Bonham challenged his bandmates Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson to record a warmup jam they’d been playing backstage before concerts for several years. Equipped with iPhones and their respective instruments, they each laid down their individual tracks from the den, music room, closet and even showers of their homes, and “Funky Feng Shui” and the band’s Lockdown Sessions were born.

“When we first start doing these lockdown sessions, it was only meant to stay in touch with the fans until we could get back out on the road again,” Sammy Hagar explained. “But as the weeks and months drew on, it also became a fun way to keep the
band together, musically and creatively.”

Over the next eight months, their “Lockdown Sessions” became a hit with critics and fans alike, producing 10 tracks and reaching an online audience approaching 30 million. The sessions gave the band the opportunity to throw down raw and raucous compact covers of classic hits that they’d jammed to backstage but never planned to record, including The Who’s “Won‘t Get Fooled Again,” Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds,” AC/DC, “Whole Lotta Rosie” and more. [Track List Below]. When plans for an album came to fruition around the holidays, the band came together to record one more track, a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” which they’d offer as an instant download or single purchase. “With the addition of ‘Heroes’, it made sense to help those who are struggling from the effects of Covid-19. It probably wouldn’t have happened without it.”


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