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‘Best Of’ ELO Album Coming this Fall

ELO’s Jeff Lynne is releasing his first solo record in 20 years this fall – but that’s not all. He’ll also release Mr. Blue Sky – The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra – a collection of ELO songs re-recorded at his home studio.

Tracks include “Evil Woman,” “Don’t Bring Me Down,” Livin’ Thing” and “Mr. Blue Sky,” which Lynne has revitalized with new and improved technology.

“There was a big reason I wanted to re-record these ELO songs,” Lynne said. “When I listen to the old versions they don’t sound the way I thought they did when I first wrote and recorded them”.

“I wanted to use the experience I’ve gained producing records ever since and have a completely new try at them. I’m not saying the old versions aren’t good; I like them very much. We were doing our best, but experience and technology also play a big a big part, and these new ones sound much more solid and tight.”

Mr Blue Sky hits stores in Europe October 5th, the UK October 8th and the US October 9th.

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