Classics Du Jour


Paul Rappaport

paul-rappaportPaul Rappaport (“Rap”) is a legendary music business veteran of 40 years. (He is not a cowboy!).

Paul is best known for his 33 year career at Columbia Records where he became a Sr. VP and played a pivotal role in the careers of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Alice In Chains, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, Journey, and so many more.

He is noted for his innovative promotion and marketing strategies, including the live radio performance series The Columbia Records Radio Hour, co-creating and producing the Emmy Award winning music television series A&E’s Live By Request, and commissioning the creation of the Pink Floyd Airship.

Paul now markets and promotes new classic rock releases via Classics Du Jour and continues to produce media events and award winning radio specials with his company Tres Hombres Productions.

You can email Rap at: rap [at] classicsdujour [dot] com