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Blondie Chaplin Talks Beach Boys, and Reuniting with Brian Wilson 40 Years Later

In 1972 Blondie Chaplin joined the Beach Boys as a full member of the group, appearing on the albums Holland and Carl & The Passions. According to a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Chaplin says he didn’t see much of Brian Wilson at the time – only when the band was in the studio recording those two albums did Wilson make an appearance.

Chaplin left the Beach Boys late in 1973, a decision which he says had nothing to do with Wilson or the Beach Boys themselves, but rather came about after an altercation with Mike Love’s brother.

After parting ways with the Beach Boys, Chaplin went on to record with numerous other artists including Bonnie Raitt, Gene Clark, and the Band, and even spent a decade touring with the Rolling Stones.

Now, 40 years after leaving the Beach Boys, Blondie Chaplin has reunited with Brian Wilson.

“It’s a funny thing,” says Chaplin. “All of a sudden, I get a call from Jeff Foskett. He’s Brian’s musical director. He said that Brian wanted to know if I wanted to come down and do some singing parts on his new album.”

From there, Chaplin was invited to sing with Wilson at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles and evenutally, on the Brian Wison/Jeff Beck tour happening now.

“It’s nice to be a part of it. I wasn’t expecting this when I was going to the studio. It’s very nice that he asked me,” Chaplin told Rolling Stone. “He’s a good guy.”

Read Blondie Chaplin’s full interview with Rolling Stone here.

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