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Bruce Springsteen’s Guitarist Nils Lofgren Has Stolen Guitars Returned Thanks to a Good Samaritan

A trip to Dallas last week took an unfortunate turn for longtime E Street Band Guitarist, Nils Lofgren. Sometime between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning someone broke into his van and absconded with four guitars and a harp as well as a much loved tool box belonging to Lofgren’s tech.

Lofgren was was in Dallas for a solo show and had parked the van outside the Holiday Inn where they were staying.

In a tweet, the guitarist stated that he was “devastated by this robbery. These are my first shows out after a very difficult year,” and asked followers to “Please consider a retweet.”

Many of the guitars have been used on tour for years and according the tour manager Bob Weber, the guitars were valued at approximately $10,000.

“One of the guitars, we call the Willie Nelson guitar,” said Lofgren. “I’ve played it for so many years and traveled the world with it so I’m wearing a hole into it.

Ever the professional, Lofgren decided to go ahead with the concert though he lamented that it wouldn’t be the show he had been planning on.  However, he vowed to “[take] the roof off” anyway.

In a happy coincidence, the first drummer that Lofgren ever played with lives in North Texas.  Dr. Howard Kweller and Lofgren played in a band together in middle school in the early 1960s.

When Kweller hear about the theft, he immediately contacted Lofgren and offered to loan him some guitars.

Luckily for the guitarist a good Samaritan contacted the police yesterday after purchasing the guitars on the app OFFER UP. The man did not realize that the guitars were stolen until he read a news article and made the connection. He was able to direct police to the 4600 block of Singleton Avenue where they apprehended the suspect, 33 year old Oscar Mendoza.

All of the stolen property has been recovered and will be returned to the musician and his tech.


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