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Queen To Debut Previously Unreleased Freddie Mercury Song

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury. CC BY 2.0. Credit: Carl Lender

Queen will release a new song featuring the vocals of late frontman Freddie Mercury, according to Brian May and Roger Taylor’s recent interview with the BBC. The previously unreleased track is titled “Face It Alone” and was recorded during the band’s 1989 sessions for The Miracle.

“It was kind of hiding in plain sight,” Brian May told the BBC about the track. “We looked at it many times and thought, ‘Oh no, we can’t really rescue that.’ But in fact, we went in there again and our wonderful engineering team went ‘Okay, we can do this and this.’ It’s like kind of stitching bits together. But it’s beautiful. It’s touching.”

Taylor said during the interview that he believes the track will be released in September.

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