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Springsteen Pokes Fun at London Promoters Who Cut Off Hyde Park Show

On stage in Dublin last night, Bruce Springsteen took a shot at the London concert promoters who cut short his show in Hyde Park on Saturday.

The Boss and his E Street Band had been joined on stage by Sir Paul McCartney for an encore and launched into The Beatles’ classics I Saw Her Standing There and Twist and Shout but their microphones were turned off when the performance went past curfew.

In Dublin, Springsteen flipped a switch on a huge prop power generator, saying “Before we were so rudely interrupted…” and then launched into the last minute of Twist and Shout. He also reportedly told fans there was no curfew in Ireland and received wild applause from the crowd, as well as holding up a sign which read “Only the Boss says when to pull the plug.”

The final blow though, was a man dressed as a London police officer who came on stage near the end of the show and tried to arrest the musician.

But despite all the jabs, Springsteen ended the gig before 11 pm – well within the rules.

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