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The Dead Daisies Cover The Who’s “Join Together”

This past summer, The Dead Daisies played Woodstock Festival Poland, the biggest Open Air Festival in Europe. With an average attendance of over 625,000 people over the last four years, the festival is truly massive and the Daisies were welcomed by the giant crowd with open arms and left to thunderous applause.

“Join Together” connected with the crowd in an explosive fashion and this video showcases some of the energy that was created that day!

Vocalist John Corabi states that “We wanted to do ‘Join Together’ ‘cause it’s obviously a classic Who song. I just love the power of the guitar and bass when it kicks in with the heavy riff on the second verse… Always have. The vocals are pretty easy to get the audience involved, and it’s been a crowd favorite when we play it live. We knew the minute we started jamming, it was going to sound great!!! It’s our tip of the hat to a LEGENDARY CLASSIC BAND… You may think of us as “Rockers” but, at the end of the day we’re just huge music FANS… Just like our audience!!!!”

“Join Together” is one of the singles from the band’s hit album Make Some Noise.

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