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Watch: David Gilmour Performs “She Says Good Morning” with the Pretty Things

David Gilmour is featured in a new live video with The Pretty Things, performing their song “She Says Good Morning.” Watch it in the player below.

The clip was filmed at London’s Indigo At The O2 in December 2018 when the ‘60s legends were celebrating their 55th anniversary. Sadly it was also their final show. The band documented this final outing and, on November 1st released it as a concert film, titled The Final Bow.

“After 55 years, saying goodbye to The Pretty Things electric band was a seismic, emotional blow and a genuine life loss, for all the band and our manager,” Pretty Things frontman Phil May told Prog.

“But, to be forced into it on health grounds, when the band was riding high, creating great new music and touring so successfully, throughout the world, made matters worse. But, life’s a bitch, and then you die…

“That said, this box set and what it represents, as a lasting tribute to the band I love, the life we have lived, and the way we have lived it, in music and performance, is unparalleled. I know I’m lucky, I and the band made it through a 2-hour 45-minute performance, in the best form we could have hoped for and we all feel that we created a performance, worthy of The Pretty Things at their best.

“That we captured it on film and on record, that we had our great, old friends, David Gilmour and Van Morrison alongside us and creating the moment and that, most of all, the O2 was sold out with our friends, old and new, young and old, and the people that we have done it for and who made it possible for us, was the icing on the cake.”

The Final Bow is available now via Madfish Music as a 2-LP soundtrack or as 2-DVD and 2-CD deluxe edition which also features a special 10″ of Phil May and Dick Taylor’s track selections and a 52-page hardcover book of photos by acclaimed photographer Judy Totton, ‘The Gospel according to Mark St. John’ extensive sleeve notes and Phil & Dick’s individual sleeve notes detailing their story as a “ground-breaking, ballsy and ambitious band. As Rock and Roll’s greatest nearly men.”

The Pretty Things feat. David Gilmour, “She Says Good Morning”

The Final Bow Deluxe Tracklisting

CD 1

1. Intro (Live at the 02)

2. Honey, I Need (Live at the 02)

3. Don`t Bring Me Down (Live at the 02)

4. Buzz The Jerk (Live at the 02)

5. Mama, Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (Live at the 02)

6. Get The Picture? (Live at the 02)

7. The Same Sun (Live at the 02)

8. Alexander/Defecting Grey (Live at the 02)

9. Big Boss Man (Live at the 02)

10. Midnight To Six Man (Live at the 02)

11. Mr. Evasion (Live at the 02)

12. S.F. Sorrow Set Intro (Live at the 02)

13. Scene One (Live at the 02)

14. S.F. Sorrow Is Born (Live at the 02)

15. She Says Good Morning (Live at the 02)

16. Baron Saturday (Live at the 02)

17. Trust (Live at the 02)

18. I See You (Live at the 02)

19. Cries From The Midnight Circus (Live at the 02)

CD 2

1. End Set Intro (Live at the 02)

2. Can`t Be Satisfied (Live at the 02)

3. Come In My Kitchen (Live at the 02)

4. Baby, Please Don`t Go (Live at the 02)

5. I Can Tell (Live at the 02)

6. You Can`t Judge A Book By Its Cover (Live at the 02)

7. Come See Me (Live at the 02)

8. Mona (Live at the 02)

9. L.S.D. / Old Man Going (Live at the 02)

10. Encore Intro (Live at the 02)

11. Rosalyn (Live at the 02)

12. Loneliest Person (Live at the 02)

13. Phil`s Final Words (Live at the 02)

DVD1 – The Final Bow Uncut

DVD2 – The Final Bow TV Edit

10″ – Phil & Dick Selections

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