Pink Floyd Album CoverThe new Pink Floyd is a treasure!

The first single, “Louder Than Words” from the forthcoming album The Endless River, was released October 9th. But not digitally—so if you want to hear it, listen to your favorite rock or classic rock station, and if it doesn’t come up often enough, call and request it! That’s what I’m doing.

The lyrics are moving, poignant, and beautiful. Basically the song is about the band’s dysfunction over the years when it came to communicating and talking with each other, but how when it came to the music, there was a natural synergy and magic that took place. And, even though they had disagreements and sometimes dissent, it was the music they made together that was the most important thing, and it speaks louder than any of the words they’ve ever had with one another.

It is the last song, and final musical statement on what will be the last Pink Floyd album.

I have heard snippets of the album on the Pink Floyd website and from a short video that was just released which you can now view right here on CDJ!

So get ready kids—on Monday, November 10th, Pink Floyd will release their first new album in 20 years!!

All the best,