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CDJ Today: August 8 in Classic Rock

Beatles Abbey Road album cover

August 8, 1992 – A riot breaks out at sold-out Guns N’ Roses and Metallica concert in Montreal after Axl Rose leaves the stage only 55 minutes into the show, complaining of voice problems. Earlier in the concert, Metallica had cut short its performance after James Hetfield suffered second-degree burns to his face, arms and hands when a stage prop exploded.  The cancellation led to a riot by the audience who overturned cars, smashed windows, looted local stores and set fires.

August 8, 1969 – The photo session for the cover of The Beatles Abbey Road album takes place on the crossing outside the Abbey Road studios. Photographer Iain McMillan, balanced on a step-ladder in the middle of the road, takes only six shots of John, Ringo, Paul, and George walking across the zebra crossing while a policeman holds up traffic.

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August 8, 1981 – MTV broadcasts its first stereo concert with REO Speedwagon from Denver, Colorado. Their album, Hi Infidelity, is the #1 album in the country and sells over 10 million copies.

August 8, 1986 – David Crosby is released from prison after serving five months of a five year sentence for drug and weapons possession. His conviction is eventually overturned by a Texas appeals court in November 1987.

Classic Rock Birthdays

August 8, 1961 – The Edge (born David Evans), guitar, vocals (U2)
August 8, 1959 – Rikki Rockett (born Richard Allan Ream), drums (Poison)
August 8, 1973 – Scott Stapp (born Anthony Scott Flippe), vocals (Creed)
August 8, 1952 – Anton Fig, session drummer (Bob Dylan, Frehley’s Comet, Kiss, Paul Shaffer’s band)


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