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Still on the Run, The Jeff Beck Story

New Hendrix Album Slated For Release Next March

A new Jimi Hendrix album is slated for release on March 5th of next year.  It seems hard to believe that there is anything left in the vaults, considering that this will be the 10th posthumous studio collection by Hendrix (he released only three studio albums during his lifetime) but, according the Hendrix website, the new album will feature 12 previously unreleased songs!

The 12 tracks on the new album, titled People, Hell and Angels were recorded in 1968 & 1969 when Hendrix was working on solo material, separate from the Jimi Hendrix Experience.  Known for his experimental approach to music, these previously unreleased tracks suggest that the legendary guitarist was pushing his music in a new direction – adding layers of horns, keyboard, percussion and a second guitar to his sound.

Though this material was originally planned for inclusion on the never-released First Rays of the New Rising Sun (the record Hendrix was working on at the time of his death) the guitarist realized that this collection of tracks wouldn’t fit with the rest of the album and even suggested compiling them onto a separate album…titled People, Hell and Angles.


Earth Blues
Hear My Train A Comin’
Bleeding Heart
Let me Move You
Easy Blues
Crash Landing
Inside Out
Hey Gypsy Boy
Mojo Man
Villanova Junction Blues

Janie L. Hendrix, President/CEO of Experience Hendrix LLC, comments, “We’re thrilled to be able to release People, Hell & Angels, during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of my brother’s birth. The brilliance of the album serves to underscore what we’ve known all along: that there has never been and never will be a musical force equal to his and that we cherish and take inspiration of what he left us both now and for many generations to come…simply eternity.”

Pre-order your copy now!


Still on the Run, The Jeff Beck Story

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