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Alice Cooper to Narrate ‘Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood’

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper is helping bring a children’s classic to a new generation as the narrator of Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood. 

The modernized version of Prokofiev’s well-known tale is set in the urban environment of L.A. where young orphan Peter is sent to live with his hippy grandfather. But Peter’s trip is quickly interrupted by reports from FOX News that a wolf has escaped from the zoo. Upon capturing the beast, Peter unintentionally becomes the latest Hollywood celebrity.

“I first heard [Peter and the Wolf] back in Detroit, when I was six or seven years old. My mom put the record on and I was instantly transported to another world,” Alice Cooper recalls. “And it has been huge fun for me to do something new after nearly 50 years in the business.”

Peter and the Wolf in Hollywood will be released on November 13th as a digital album, CD, and iPad app designed for children age 5-8. Pre-order it now on Amazon.com.


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