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Billy Joel Tries ‘Strong American Medicine’ in 1987 Russia [WATCH]


In a newly released clip from Billy Joel’s forthcoming DVD, A Matter of Trust – The Bridge To Russia, which chronicles his 1987 tour of the country, Joel reveals that he sought treatment at a famous clinic after losing his voice one night.

“The put me in this little room which kind of looked like a torture chamber, and they lay you on a slab and there’s a battery box next to you with two leads coming out of it,” Joel recalled of his visit to the clinic. “I thinking, ‘What’s this for? Are they going to try to get information out of me?”

Joel goes on to explain the “pellets” that the doctor perscribed, calling them “strong American medicine.” Watch the preview below to see just what exactly, that strong American medicine was.

billy-joel-bridge-to-russia-filmA Matter of Trust – The Bridge To Russia will be released May 19th in a 2CD + Blu Ray (or DVD) Deluxe Edition Box Set. It chronicles Joel’s concerts in Leningrad and Moscow and features the Showtime documentary. Pre-order it now on Amazon.com.

The accompanying live album is available separately as a 2CD set or as a digital download on iTunes.

Watch the trailer here >

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