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Bruce Springsteen Announces Springsteen On Broadway Album

Springsteen On Broadway Soundtrack
The Springsteen On Broadway soundtrack is due out December 14th.

Bruce Springsteen has announced the release of the Springsteen On Broadway soundtrack, an album featuring songs and stories from his historic 236-show residency at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York.

The Broadway production, originally scheduled for 8 weeks, was extended three times and is set to wraps up it’s final night on December 15th. It earned the Boss a Special Tony Award earlier this year.

The Springsteen on Broadway soundtrack album includes the complete audio from the upcoming Netflix release and will be available on 4 LPs or 2CDs, as well as digitally and on streaming services.

Hear “Land of Hope and Dreams” from the album below.

Based on his worldwide best-selling autobiography Born to Run, Springsteen on Broadway is a unique evening with Bruce, his guitar, a piano, and his very personal stories.

“My idea was really just to present the work that I’ve done for the past 40 years or so and let it speak for itself,” Springsteen explained of the concept. “I didn’t feel like I needed to get on a soapbox or be real ideological about it. I wanted the night to play very naturally, and be broad enough to be about all the things I’ve written about over the years. And in that way, in the contrast, it would comment.”

On the soundtrack album, each of these stories appears as its own track, labeled as an “introduction” to the song it precedes.

The audio for Springsteen on Broadway was mixed by the legendary Bob Clearmountain and mastered by the acclaimed Bob Ludwig.

Springsteen on Broadway will be released on Netflix on December 16th. The soundtrack album will be released December 14th.

Springsteen on Broadway Soundtrack Album Trailer

Bruce Springsteen – “Land of Hope and Dreams” from Springsteen on Broadway Soundtrack

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