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CDJ Today: April 26 in Classic Rock

Roger Taylor of Duran Duran
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran, The Power Station)

April 26, 2003 – David Lee Roth corners and detains a knife-wielding man who is  trespassing on his Pasadena estate.  Roth holds him until the police arrive. Says Roth: “Anyone found bearing arms here at night…will be found here in the morning.” It later turns out the man is his neighbor, and is booked on possession of a knife and methamphetamines.

April 26, 1982 – A gunman mugs Rod Stewart near Sunset Blvd. in LA and steals his 1977 Porsche Turbo-Carrera valued at $50,000.  Stewart again becomes a victim of car theft in 2004, when a man fired from a landscaping job at his home in Palm Beach, FL steals and wrecks his yellow Dodge Viper.

April 26, 1977 – Studio 54 opens in New York City, owned by Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager.  Within a month of opening, the New York State Liquor Authority raids the club for selling liquor without a license, and closes it temporarily.

Classic Rock Birthdays

April 26, 1959 – John Corabi, vocals, guitar (Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Brides of Destruction, Tuff, The Dead Daisies)
April 26, 1960 – Roger Taylor, drums (Duran Duran, The Power Station)
April 26, 1943 – Tony Murray, bass (The Troggs)
April 26, 1975 – Joey Jordison, drums (Slipknot)
April 26, 1961 – Chris Mars, drums (The Replacements)
April 26, 1943 – Gary Wright, vocals, keyboards (Spooky Tooth, solo)
April 26, 1938 – Duane Eddy, guitar

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