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CDJ Today: July 5 in Classic Rock

Huey Lewis performing in 2006
Huey Lewis performing in 2006. CC by SA 3.0. Credit: Carl Lender

July 5, 1968 – Creedence Clearwater Revival release their self-titled debut album. It goes on to sell one million copies in the U.S.

July 5, 1995 – More than 100 Grateful Dead fans are injured, some seriously, at a Missouri campground when a balcony they crowded onto to escape the rain collapses, police say. More than 4,000 Deadheads were staying at the campground in anticipation of a St. Louis show.

July 5, 1994 – Hootie & the Blowfish release Cracked Rear View, their debut album.  It sells over 16 million copies and ranks as the 16th best selling album of all time.

July 5, 1983 – Suicidal Tendencies release their self-titled debut album. The album is regarded by critics and fans as one of the most influential thrash albums of all time.

Classic Rock Birthdays

July 5, 1943 – Robbie Robertson (born Jaime Royal Robertson), guitar, vocals (The Band)
July 5, 1950 – Huey Lewis (born Hugh Anthony Cregg III), vocals (Huey Lewis and the News)
July 5, 1954 – Jimmy Crespo, guitar (Aerosmith)
July 5, 1959 – Marc Cohn, vocals, keyboards
July 5, 1950 – Michael Monarch, guitar (Steppenwolf)

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