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Chicago to Release New Album in July

now-chicago-XXVIOn July 8th, Chicago will release their 36th album, “NOW” CHICAGO XXXVI. The album, which will be released by Frontiers Records, was written and recorded on the road during the band’s rigorous, never-ending tour schedule.

Produced by founding members ROBERT LAMM (keyboard, guitars, vocals), LEE LOUGHNANE (trumpet, guitar, percussion, vocals), JAMES PANKOW (trombone, percussion, keyboards, vocals), WALTER PARAZAIDER (woodwinds, backing vocals) along with JASON SCHEFF (bass, vocals), TRIS IMBODEN (drums, percussion), KEITH HOWLAND (guitars, vocals), LOU PARDINI (keyboards, vocals) and WALFREDO REYES, Jr., (percussion) – the album was recorded on “the Rig,” the band’s customized mobile recording system. Each songwriter oversaw the production of their compositions, and the band collaborated as a cohesive unit throughout the writing and recording process.

Of the new album and the band’s continued growth and evolution, Lamm says, “There’s certainly more context, and there’s certainly more musical ability, and perception rather than youthful naivete that we had when we started.”

The band-as always-will tour heavily in 2014 to support the new album. “Outside of being creative and making new music, going out, doing even better shows, I think we’ve put together a show right now that’s the best one we’ve ever had out there, which, as long as that curve is going up, I don’t think we have to sit back and re-assess things,” says Parazaider.

“NOW” Chicago XXVI is available for pre-order at chicago-now.com and soon on Amazon.com and iTunes.

Track Listing:

More Will Be Revealed
Crazy Happy
Free At Last
Love Lives On
Something’s Coming, I Know
Watching All The Colors
Nice Girl
Naked In The Garden of Allah
Another Trippy Day

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