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David Crosby Returns To Solo Career with New Album

david-crosby-crozDavid Crosby has returned to his solo career after a twenty-year break. His new 11-track LP, titled Croz, will be released January 28th.

“I wanted to challenge myself,” Crosby told Rolling Stone. “Most guys my age would have done a covers record or duets on old material. This won’t be a huge hit. It’ll probably sell nineteen copies. I don’t think kids are gonna dig it, but I’m not making it for them. I’m making it for me. I have this stuff that I need to get off my chest.”

Croz, which was made with the help of his son James Raymond and co-producer Daniel Garcia, has been in the works for two years. It was recorded at Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters studio in Santa Monica as well as at Raymond’s home studio.

“…everybody in the music business is very leery about the big companies and what kind of lifespan they might have. Most people are doing it on their own, so that’s what we did,” explained Crosby.

An American tour in support of Croz will kick off January 28th in New York.

Stream “What’s Broken” featuring Mark Knopfler on guitar, at RollingStone.com >

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