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Grateful Dead to Release Biographical Graphic Novel

Grateful Dead Origins
The Grateful Dead Origins is due out in early 2020.

A graphic novel telling the story of the Grateful Dead’s early days will be released next year. The book will take an in depth look at the formation of the band, from their beginnings as a bar band to becoming the forefathers of the jam band culture.

Created in cooperation with Z2 Comics, Origins is written by Chris Miskiewicz and illustrated by Noah Van Sciver.

The book will be available in standard edition paperback and comes with an exclusive download of early Grateful Dead music. A limited edition deluxe version will be available in hardcover, coffee table edition. The deluxe version will include signed prints from the creators of the book as well as a selection of early, unreleased Grateful Dead music on vinyl.

“Jerry Garcia was an avid comic book enthusiast so it is incredibly fitting to have the Grateful Dead’s origin story told in graphic novel form,” said Rhino Entertainment President Mark Pinkus in a statement. “Z2’s passion for the band’s music and mythology make them the perfect partner to bring the story to life. This will undoubtedly be a ‘must have’ item for Grateful Dead and graphic novel fans alike.”

Origins is available for pre-order now on the Z2 Comics website.

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