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Heart Discusses New Album and Old Pitfalls (Video)

Check out this great interview with Heart. 

Ann and Nancy Wilson recently sat down with Yahoo Music to talk about their new album Fanatic and their career as a whole – specifically how the music industry has (or hasn’t) changed for women. 

“It’s probably easier [for female artists] to get noticed today, to get a start–but then once you get started, some of the same pitfalls are still there–the hyper-sexuality,” explains Ann,  who is certainly one of the greatest female vocalists of all time – building a career on sheer vocal talent rather than just her image. “That stuff hasn’t really changed that much; it’s just shape-shifted.”

“In many ways, it’s possibly harder now, because the pop music scene is so extremely sexualized,” adds Nancy.

“That’s the tricky thing about sexuality, that I would tell my daughter: Sex should not be confused with power. It’s not currency,” stresses Ann. “Hopefully young women don’t confuse their sexuality with their true personal power.”

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