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John Oates Reveals the Truth About the “Rich Girl”

John Oates revealed the  truth behind the lyrics to Hall & Oates’ 1977 hit “Rich Girl” when speaking with TMZ in Nashville this week.

As it turns out, the ‘rich girl’ was, in fact, a ‘rich guy,’ but as Oates explained to the camera crew, “Daryl [Hall]’s really smart… he realized that ‘rich girl’ sounded a lot better than ‘rich guy.’

Apparently the subject of the song’s lyrics was the heir to a fast-food fortune. “He had too much money, and too many drugs — and he just kind of burned out,” Oates added. “He came over to visit one time, and after he left, Daryl just came up with the idea.”

The ‘rich guy’ was Victor Walker, whose father owned The Walker Bros. Original Pancake House in Chicago as well as 15 KFC franchises. He was an ex-boyfriend of Sara Allen, who was dating Daryl Hall at the time the song was written, and who was the subject of the duo’s smash hit “Sara Smile.”

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