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Lenny Kravitz Has Wardrobe Malfunction, Exposes Himself on Stage

Fans in Stockholm got more than they paid for on Monday when a commando Lenny Kravitz crouched down on stage during a performance, causing his leather pants to split down the middle.

The 51-year-old subsequently gave the crowd the full monty, and yes, someone managed to capture the moment on video.

After leaving the stage briefly, Kravitz returned in a new pair of skin-tight pants, explaining to the audience, “Sorry, I ripped my trousers.”

Don’t worry Lenny, I’m sure the ladies in the audience weren’t too upset by the whole thing.

But the same can’t be said for Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who jokingly texted Kravitz after the incident.

“Dude… No underwear and pierced… F*** me.. You never showed me that s**t.”

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