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Michael Des Barres on His New Album and Partying with Led Zeppelin

michael-des-barresWe’ve all heard musicians say they don’t listen to their own records, or actors say they don’t watch their own movies, but Michael Des Barres is calling “bullsh*t.”

In a new interview with Music Radar, the actor turned rock star claims, “Anybody who says that is unquestionably lying. I love listening to my new record. When you do something that’s good, you know it.  I think my record is terrific.”

The record he’s referring to is The Key To The Universe, released April 7th on FOD Records. It features “I Want Love To Punch Me In The Face”, co-written by Des Barres, and the Linda Perry-penned tune “Can’t Get You Off My Mind” (listen to both here).

Des Barres first gained success as an actor, playing alongside Sidney Poitier in To Sir With Love. But after appearing on the London stage in a musical called The Dirtiest Show in Town in 1969, Des Barres signed a record deal and decided to focus on music. Eventually, his band Detective came to the attention of Led Zeppelin and was signed to their label Swan Song Records in the 70s.

“We spent a year at the Record Plant making a record. We spent $100,000 on the snare drum sound. It was a different world,” he remembers.

When asked about partying with Led Zeppelin, Des Barres responds, “‘Parties’ aren’t really the right word to describe the shenanigans of the inner sanctum of Led Zeppelin in those days. I can only allow your readers to use their imaginations and go Fellini on it.”

Read the interview with Music Radar here.

The Key to the Universe was produced by Bob Rose and once more reunites Des Barres with Nigel Harrison–former bassist of Blondie and Silverhead–on bass in addition to showcasing the talents of Clive Deamer (Portishead, Robert Plant) on drums and the ace Dani Robinson on guitar.

The album is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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