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New Book Reveals 35 Never-Been-Told Tales of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

i-killed-pink-floyds-pig-beau-phillipsRock bands are famous (and infamous) for decadent behavior.  Rumors of their crazy antics have become rock lore.  Now, with the release of I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig, fans finally get a peek at what really happened backstage.

I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig is a collection of funny, decadent, outrageous stories about rock’s greatest superstars. It’s your all-access pass…a behind-the-scenes VIP tour of when rock was great. When air was clean.  When gas was cheap.  When disco sucked.

I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig is an insider’s perspective by Beau Phillips, a respected radio programmer and former head of marketing at MTV Networks.  Phillips was an insider and occasional accomplice who witnessed rock stars in their heyday – from inside their dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel suites and private planes.

In addition to being the book’s title, I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig is one of 35 provocative stories that Phillips relates. “I convinced Pink Floyd to loan me their 40-foot inflatable pig to fly above our radio station for the week leading up to their concert.  The band agreed as long as we promised to guard their pig with our lives.  Not only did the pig call attention to Pink Floyd’s upcoming show, it became a media sensation, attracting TV helicopters and traffic congestion.  On the morning of Pink Floyd’s concert, I got a call from our morning DJ saying “The pig is gone”. It was securely anchored to the roof.  How could it just disappear?  In a matter of hours, 50,000 fans expected to watch the pig fly overhead.  Now I’d lost it.  What followed was a mad scramble to find Pink Floyd’s pig and deliver it in time for the show.”

The book’s foreword was written by Sammy Hagar, former lead singer for Van Halen.  He and Phillips met in the late 1970s, early in Hagar’s career.  Sammy wrote, “Beau has seen all of the rock & roll craziness – and his book is loaded with amazing stories.”

I Killed Pink Floy’d Pig is available now on Amazon.


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