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‘Queen: A Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975’ Unboxing Video

In 1975, Queen performed a ground-breaking show at London’s Hammersmith Odeon.  The performance was a fitting end to their A Night at the Opera tour and to a year that was one of the most eventful and exciting years of the band’s career to date.

The legendary show, which was transmitted live on BBC TV at the time, has been heavily bootlegged for the four decades since, appearing under such titles as Command Performance, Rhapsody in Red, and Christmas at the Beeb.

Now, on November 20th, it will be made officially available, for the first time ever, as Queen releases A Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 in multiple formats .

CD, 2 LP vinyl, Super Deluxe Box Set and digital editions will be made available through Hollywood Records and DVD and SD Blu-Ray editions will be made available through Eagle Rock Entertainment.

A Night at the Odeon features an incredible new audio mix in stereo and 5.1 surround-sound plus an absolute state-of-the-art restoration of the video.

“This concert was very special because it was the first time we ever played a whole show completely live on TV … the Christmas Show,” says Brian May. “The quality, after great rescue work and transfer into the digital domain, is amazing. And the energy we had comes across very forcefully.”

The Super Deluxe Box Set edition also includes extra-special bonus features and a never-before-heard recording from the pre-show soundcheck – something that no one outside of the band themselves knew existed until now.

Watch the Super Deluxe un-boxing video below and pre-order your copy now at

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