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  • CDJ Today: January 26 in Classic Rock

    Classic rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen

    January 26, 1977 – Peter Green, former Fleetwood Mac guitarist, is committed to a mental hospital after threatening a delivery boy with an air rifle when he tried to deliver his royalty check to him.  Green became the ultimate acid casualty and spent years in mental hospitals and clinics undergoing electroconvulsive therapy. He gave away much of his money and … Continue reading CDJ Today: January 26 in Classic Rock

  • CDJ Today: June 1 in Classic Rock

    Ronnie Wood in 1981

    June 1, 1975 – Ronnie Wood performs his first official gig as a Rolling Stones guitarist on his 28th birthday. June 1, 2003 – Paul Gray, Slipknot bassist, is arrested in his hometown of Des Moines, Iowa after crashing into another car. Gray is charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine and drug paraphernalia, and failure to obey a traffic signal for running … Continue reading CDJ Today: June 1 in Classic Rock

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