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Watch Eric Clapton’s New Christmas Video “For Love on Christmas Day”

Eric Clapton has revealed the music video for his beautiful new song “For Love on Christmas Day.” The tune is featured on the guitarist’s recently released Christmas album, Happy Xmas.

The new album is, somewhat surprisingly, Clapton’s first ever Christmas album and it mixes recognizable holiday classics such as “White Christmas” with lesser-known unique titles, as well as the aforementioned original, “For Love On Christmas Day.”

“I had in my head that these holiday songs could be done with a slight blues tinge, and I started to figure out how to play the blues lines in between the vocals,” said Clapton, who co-produced Happy Xmas with longtime music producer Simon Climie. “I got it down and one of the most identifiable songs on the album, the one that became the foundational style, is ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’.”

In a recent interview Clapton revealed that one of his Christmas traditions is to create a brand new Christmas playlist each year – changing genres every holiday season, from jazz to swing to modern rock. Last year’s country music playlist inspired his wife Melia to suggest he finally make a Christmas album.

Now that we’ve done the album,” Clapton joked, I may not need to make a playlist this coming year.”

Check out the new “For Love on Christmas Day” video below:

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