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Watch the New Animated Video for Freddie Mercury’s ‘Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow’

Freddie Mercury of Queen
Freddie Mercury

In celebration of what would have been Freddie Mercury’s 73rd birthday, Universal Music Group has released a new animated music video for Mercury’s “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow”. The video, which supports the work of The Mercury Phoenix Trust, depicts a short story about the power of love while bringing awareness to the global fight against AIDS.

“Of the many responsibilities we have to our artists, safeguarding their legacies is perhaps the most important one,” said Dave Rocco of UMG in a statement. “As far-reaching and as radical a legacy as Freddie Mercury’s, it is our duty to ensure he continues to provoke, educate and inspire.

“In speaking with Jim Beach about ‘Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow,’ we knew this piece had to be made in Freddie’s image: honest, brave and, most of all, beautiful.  We wanted to tell a story not of two men, but rather of a connection and the ineffable power love has in conquering incomprehension and fear. It is a reflection of the thread that runs throughout Freddie’s oeuvre. It is what made him “never boring,” and part of why his magic lives on.”

Esteban Bravo and Beth David directed the video with animation provided by Woodblock. Watch it now in the player below.

“Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” was originally released in November 1985 on Mercury’s debut solo album, Mr. Bad Guy. It appears on Never Boring, a new Freddie Mercury solo collection, due out October 11th and available for pre-order now.

Freddie Mercury “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” Music Video

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