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Alice Cooper Discovers Warhol Masterpiece, in Storage Locker for Decades

After 40 years in a storage locker, an Andy Warhol “Little Electric Chair” potentially worth millions of dollars, has been rediscovered by its owner, Alice Cooper, the Guardian reports.

The screenprint, part of Warhol’s Death and Disaster series, was purchased as a gift for Cooper in the early 70s by then-girlfriend Cindy Lang. The piece depicts an electric chair similar to the one Cooper used during his stage shows.

According to Cooper’s longtime manager, Shep Gordon, Lang approached him seeking money to purchase the piece of art. At the time, Cooper and Warhol had become friends, but Warhol was basically unknown. Lang paid $2,500 for the piece.

The “Little Electric Chair” screenprint ended up in storage along with various props and equipment and, for the next four decades, was basically forgotten about by both Cooper and Gordon.

According to Gordon, he had dinner about 4 years ago with an art dealer who mentioned how much Warhol’s work had been fetching at auction. Gordon remembered that Cooper owned the piece but had no idea where it was. Luckily, Cooper’s mother recalled seeing it in storage.

Although the piece is unsigned, it has been authenticated by art expert Richard Polsky. Polsky did not put a value on the piece but noted that a similar work went for $11.6M at auction in 2015.

Gordon says Cooper initially declined to have a piece that expensive in his home and opted to return it to storage, although he is apparently now reconsidering.

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