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B.B. King Hospitalized, Daughter Claims He Is Being Abused

B.B. King performing in 2009. Photo Credit: Tom Beetz
B.B. King performing in 2009. Photo Credit: Tom Beetz

Blues guitar legend B.B. King was hospitalized Thursday after paramedics were sent to his home to investigate, TMZ reports.

King’s daughter, Patty reportedly wanted to take him to the hospital, but claims King’s manager, Laverne Toney, who has power of attorney over King, refused. Patty subsequently called police, who sent paramedics, who in turn determined that King should be hospitalized.

Patty, who lives with her father, believes he is being abused and neglected by Toney. In November, Patty and her husband filed a police report claiming Toney had withheld medications from King and conned him out of $20 – $30 million dollars.

According to TMZ, Patty plans to seek to remove Toney’s power of attorney.

This is the second time B.B. King has been hospitalized in the last several weeks.

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