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Black Crowes Reunion Rumors Ramp Up

Early last month online rumors started circulating that the Black Crowes could be reuniting.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the band’s former manager Pete Angelus said he was aware of a deal that brothers and former bandmates Chris and Rich Robinson had “made with Live Nation for a 2020 tour.” At the time, however, Live Nation stated that they didn’t have “any intel” on a possible run of live shows.

But then, just last week, the band’s social media was updated with a Black Crowes cartoon graphic and that same image has started popping up on billboards across the U.S., which suggests that something is indeed happening.

The last time that the group performed together was in 2014, though they didn’t officially split until 2015. An acrimonious dispute between the brothers over financial compensation for their longtime drummer Steve Gorman drove a wedge between the two, and in 2018 Rich told Stereogum that he “didn’t have a brother anymore.”

Since the split, the brothers have spent time pursuing their own projects, while Gorman wrote and published a memoir about his time in the band.

Next year marks the 30th anniversary of the Black Crowes celebrated debut album, Shake Your Money Maker, so it seems a fitting time for a reunion.

If a reunion is coming, though, it’s doubtful that Gorman will be involved and he seems rather cynical about the whole thing. He recently told UCR: “This reunion, I’ve heard from many sources for several months that this is happening. “This ain’t got nothing to do with trying to re-find a musical connection. This is a very different motivation and impetus, so the last thing that the brothers Robinson are going to do is involve someone who is going to take a chunk of the pie away from them.”

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