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Bob Geldof Performs Live In Studio with CDJ’s Paul Rappaport

My old friend Bob Geldof called to say he was coming to New York to play with the reunited Boomtown Rats and asked if I could set up a radio interview. We did “Live At Five” on Q104.3 with good friend Ken Dashow. Bob had literally just flown in from England and went right to the station from the airport. I had a jamming buddy of mine, Gregg Gavitt, learn “I Don’t Like Mondays” to accompany Bob. The next I know, Bob is asking me to “Vibe along” on guitar. So, we made up the Q104.3 Orchestra on the spot, including Gregg and myself, Ken and Gregg doing hand claps, and the three of us singing the background vocals. What a hoot! We all had a blast and Bob made us all feel like one happy family of musicians.

– Paul Rappaport, Classics Du Jour

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