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Bob Seger live with Bruce! Plus-Rolling Stones new “Some Girls” review!

Sorry I haven’t been here for a while. A lot has been going on both personally and professionally.

I do promise to finish the “me on stage with Pink Floyd” story, as it’s worth telling and it will also give you a real look at what it’s like to be on THAT SIDE of the stage with a mega band like the Floyd.

I do want to give a shout out to a great colleague who passed away just a week or so ago named Don Devito. You’ve probably seen his name on Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen albums. He was a famed A&R man and record producer, but his real magic as a human being was never believing in his own press and somehow eschewing the big ego that tends to take so many of us over for a time in the record business. Always approachable and so helpful to all, he will be missed by so many.

Judy and I got to go see Bob Seger at Madison Square Garden a couple nights ago—we had a f*cking blast!! Bob had a smokin’ band comprised of original “Silver Bullet” musicians along with some new ones, and two guitar players from Nashville that totally rocked!!

Sometimes we forget how much music is inside of us. Seger played for two solid hours and we knew every single song! More importantly, I was reminded about how many songs from iconic classic rock artists mean so much to us because of the life’s messages they bring. Bob Seger has a lot to say in his songs and when the concert was over, not only did you have a fun rockin’ time, but you felt like you relived a bunch of real meaningful life as well—that stuff stays with you.

He gave us all an “early Christmas Present” by bringing Bruce Springsteen out on stage for “Old Time Rock & Roll” and of course the house went totally crazy!! This was perfect (and I got to reminisce with the Boss back stage for a second) because back in the day, Bruce had played Cobo Hall in Detroit on the “Born In The USA” Tour. At that time Bruce and the E Street band were firing on all cylinders with music and songs and the crowd was totally bananas as you can imagine. I was having a ball being able to go on tour with him while taking radio folks to see his shows (that was part of my job! Are you kidding me??!!!). Anyway, you know how big a party it can get at a Bruce concert, so imagine Bruce at his rockin’ peak after 4 encores at Cobo Hall, and just when you think you can’t get any higher…he brings out Bob Seger, in his home town and they do the “Detroit Medley”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adding new meaning to the phrase “they took the roof off the place!” I have to tell you I seriously thought Cobo Hall was going to collapse as people just went NUTS! People standing on chairs, people standing on people standing on chairs!!!!!

Anyway, seeing Seger was just great and you should try and see the show when it comes to your town.

Also of note, if you’re a Stones’ fan, you may want to run out and buy (if you don’t win it here first on out site) the new Somegirls Deluxe Edition set. You get the original album newly mastered with state of the art technology (makes a real difference), and 12 other out-takes which include some never-heard-before tracks that are REALLY GOOD! You will love “So Young,” “No Spare Parts,” “I Love You Too Much,” “Tallahassee Lassie,” and all the rest!

That’s all for now, and like I said, I promise to be back with the rest of my Floyd story soon!

All the best, and thanks for your support and enjoying our site.


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