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CDJ Today: April 2 in Classic Rock

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin

April 2, 1969 – Bruce Springsteen‘s new group Child makes their live debut at the Pandemonium Club in Wanamassa, New Jersey.

April 2, 1967 –  A Rolling Stones concert in Vienna, Austria is disrupted when a smoke bomb lands on stage.  The incident leads to a riot with over 150 arrests.

April 2, 1999 – After a concert in Knoxville, TN, the Black Crowes are sued for $385,000 by a teenager sitting in the second row, for significant hearing loss.

April 2, 1993 – Bill Wyman’s son becomes engaged to the mother of Bill’s ex-wife Mandy Smith.  The elder Wyman was 47 when he met Mandy, who was 13.  His son, Stephen, 30, is 16 years the junior of Mandy’s mother.  Got that?

April 2, 1970Janis Joplin begins a trend by getting tattoos on her wrist and heart.  Her heart tattoo reads “One For The Boys”.

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Classic Rock Birthdays

April 2, 1941 – Leon Russell, singer/songwriter, mult-instumentalist  (Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds “Mr. Tambourine Man”) (d. 2016)
April 2, 1946 – Kurt Winter, guitarist (Guess Who) (d. 1997)
April 2, 1952 – Leon Wilkeson, bassist (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (d. 2001)
April 2, 1949 – David Robinson, drums (The Cars)

Rock Remembrances

April 2, 2021 – Morris “B.B.” Dickerson, vocalist, bassist and co-founder of the band War, dies in Long Beach, CA after a long illness.  He was 71.  Best known for his bass line on the song “Low Rider,” Dickerson was also onstage with Jimi Hendrix at Ronnie Scott’s Club in London in what would end up being Jimi’s last public performance.

April 2, 1987 – Buddy Rich dies at age 69 from complications due to a brain tumor.  Billed as “The World’s Greatest Drummer”, Rich inspired everyone from Neil Peart to Matt Sorum.  His legendary tantrums also inspired several Seinfeld episodes.

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