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CDJ Today: January 13 in Classic Rock

James LoMenzo of Megadeth
James LeMenzo at Metalmania in 2008. CC BY SA 3.0. Credit: Malgorzata Milaszewska.

January 13, 2003 – Pete Townshend of The Who is arrested on suspicion of downloading child porn. Police officers impound seven computers, but after a four-month investigation, he is cleared of all charges. He claimed he was doing research while writing his autobiography and says he was sexually abused as a child himself.

Classic Rock Birthdays

January 13, 1959 – James LoMenzo, bass (Megadeth, White Lion)
January 13, 1954 – Trevor Rabin, guitar, vocals (Yes, Rabbitt)
January 13, 1956 – Malcolm Foster, bass (Pretenders, Simple Minds)
January 13, 1963 – Tim Kelly, guitar (Slaughter) (d. 1998)
January 13, 1961 – Suggs (born Graham McPherson), vocals (Madness)
January 13, 1957 – Don Snow, keyboards, vocals (Squeeze)

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