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John Mellencamp Plain Spoken From the Chicago Theatre Contest

Enter for your chance to win a DVD+CD copy of John Mellencamp Plain Spoken: From the Chicago Theatre

Try to keep it as plain spoken as possible…” those are some of the first words the viewer hears in Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre. A self-narrated musical journey, the film encapsulates the sound and soul of John Mellencamp. Stepping outside the boundaries of a concert film or documentary, Plain Spoken blends highly personal voice-overs from Mellencamp with live footage of him performing with his full band at the historic Chicago Theatre, just 250 miles from his native Indiana. He tells us the story of his Midwestern upbringing, the trials, turns and triumphs of his career, and his overall outlook on life while the music plays, supporting his stories. The result is the essence of John Mellencamp, delivered fully on-screen.

Enter for your chance to win a DVD+CD copy of John Mellencamp’s Plain Spoken: From The Chicago Theatre.

Multiple winners will be chosen at random.

Courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment

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CONTEST DATES: Jun 06, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018

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Congratulations to our winners!

Sharon K - Fort Smith, AR
Susan C - Saugus, MA
John F - San Antonio, TX

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