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Dave Stewart Releases “Every Single Night” Music Video

Dave-Stewart-Lucky-NumbersDave Stewart has released the short film/music video for “Every Single Night,” the first single from his new album Lucky Numbers.

Constantly pushing the envelope, the Eurythmics co-founder and his creative collective, Weapons of Mass Entertainment, joined forces with Sound Technology Experts, DTS, in order to provide viewers with an experience unlike anything else in the medium. Together, they filmed the short film/music video in 4K and mixed it in 11.1 surround sound, breaking ground for the art form itself. As a result, it’s an immersive and all-encompassing experience that merges sexy visuals, impeccable songcraft, engaging narrative, and state-of-the-art technology.

Furthermore, the delivery proves equally prescient.  Upon availability later this month, users will be able to download a free app featuring the “Every Single Night” music video and experience it in immersive 11.1 surround sound over any pair of headphones, made possible by DTS Headphone:X™.  This breakthrough makes it possible for listeners to hear individual sounds in full surround. It preserves how the mix was initially meant to be heard. It’s like being in a professional studio enclosed by 11.1 channels of surround sound.

The video for “Every Single Night” premiered on RollingStone.com and can be seen here.

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