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Former Styx Frontman Dennis DeYoung Releases New Video ‘With All Due Respect’

Dennis DeYoung performing in 2010
Dennis DeYoung performing in 2010. CC BY SA 2.0 Credit: Jessie Pearl

Dennis DeYoung isn’t mincing words in his new single “With All Due Respect”. The former Styx frontman has released a music video for the song, which can be seen in the player below.

“In 1979, I wrote the following lyric in a Styx song called ‘Borrowed Time’,” explains DeYoung. “‘I’m so confused by the things I read, I need the truth but the truth is I don’t know who to believe. The left says yes and the right say no, I’m in between and the more I learn the less that I know. We’re living High, Living fine, Living high on borrowed time.’

“These lyrics were true in 1979 and more so today,” he continues. “The news establishment has given into partisanship reporting masquerading as truth in a quest for more listeners, readers and viewers. They exacerbate our political differences into grand theater, making us believe we are more divided than we are and for one reason, money. Money from advertisers. Higher ratings no matter the cost. Both sides are to blame.”

“With All Due Respect” is the latest single from DeYoung’s recently released 26 East, Vol. 1. The solo effort was intended to be his final album, but DeYoung explains that he ended up with so many songs, the album was split into two parts. The second volume is yet to come.

Dennis DeYoung – “With All Due Respect”

26 East, Vol 1 also features “To the Good Old Days,” a collaboration with Julian Lennon.

Dennis DeYoung & Julian Lennon – “To the Good Old Days”

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