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Michael Des Barres To Release New Album

michael-des-barres-the-key-to-the-universeMichael Des Barres has announced the release of his new, full-length album The Key to the Universe on April 7th.  For the British singer/songwriter/musician, actor and host on SiriusXM’s nationally syndicated “Little Steven’s Underground Garage,” it’s a return to down and dirty rock music with heavy guitars and unflinching lyrics about life lived to the fullest.

When asked about why he identified with Perry’s song “Can’t Get You Off My Mind,” Des Barres said: “Most of my life has been lived obsessively, excessively and at a pace that kept me moving towards a moving target. When that arrow came to rest I no longer was obsessed. My aim has changed somewhat. Passion and honesty mean everything to me. Linda Perry is authentic—she is the real thing. That much sought after virtue that is so lacking in today’s culture. Simply put, she writes great songs. ‘Can’t Get You Off My Mind’ is a great song about obsessive love. So to come full circle emotionally, has been very rewarding and I know it will hit a nerve in anyone that has a heart.”

Crunchy guitars and engagingly blunt lyrics also highlight “I Want Love To Punch Me In The Face.” “I believe that the majority of people find relationships almost impossible and the result of that is going into a love coma,” says Des Barres. “We fall asleep because we find it so difficult to connect. Connectivity is everything today. In order to do that, you need an identity. You need to know who you are and the phrase ‘I want love to punch me in the face’ is a metaphor for true love to wake you up out of your slumber and find that perfect soul mate. So let’s get in the ring and start punching!”

“Can’t Get You Off My Mind” and “I Want Love To Punch Me In The Face” will hit radio on March 10th.

Des Barres describes the whole album as “very loud, very raw and it’s gonna rock like f***.” Produced by Robert Rose (who’s worked on albums by Julian Lennon, Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and DES BARRES 1986 album Somebody Up There Likes Me), and recorded at Forum Music Village in Rome, The Key to the Universe features Des Barres firing on all cylinders and lighting up the rock world as only he can. The album once more reunites DES BARRES with Nigel Harrison–former bassist of Blondie and Silverhead–on bass and guitar in addition to showcasing the talents of Clive Deamer (Portishead, Robert Plant) on drums and the ace Dani Robinson on guitar.

Track Listing for The Key to the Universe:

1. Can’t Get You Off My Mind
2. Room Full Of Angels
3. I Want Love To Punch Me In The Face
4. Maybe Means Nothing
5. Burning In Water
6. It’s Just a Dream
7. Yesterday’s Casanova
8. Black Sheep
9. Liberty Train
10. Supernatural Lovers

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